NDI Travel Registration Process

All students traveling internationally must register via the NDI Travel Registry and receive travel approval from Notre Dame InternationalStudents interested in traveling to a country with a U.S. State Department Travel Warning or Travel Alert must obtain approval for an exception to policy from the ND International Travel Warning Review Committee.


There is a three step process to being approved for international travel. Please follow the steps below to fully complete your international travel registration at the appropriate time as outlined above:

Step One:

  1. Go to http://international.nd.edu/
  2. Select "Travel"
  3. Select "Travel Registry"
  4. Select "Register Your Travel"
  5. Complete the questionnaires regarding your international travel.
  6. NDI will either tentatively approve your travel or reply with questions. Respond appropriately.

Please make sure to choose "CSLC - SLA Grant" as your "funding/sponsoring source" or "Graduate Program." Otherwise, we have no way of knowing that you have registered your travel. Note that sponsored travel approval is required before your grant funds can be dispersed. 

If you do not know your exact travel dates when you register, please put estimated dates and email travelregistry@nd.edu with your exact dates when you have them.


Step Two:

Once your travel has been "tentatively approved" by NDI, you must complete/upload the following documents:

  1. A copy of your GeoBlue health insurance card or the purchase confirmation email (all students are required to purchase GeoBlue international health insurance to travel internationally). The group access code for short-term (less than a semester) Notre Dame projects is GQB-9847. Please make sure to include this expense on your budget or CUSE will not be able to cover the cost.
  2. Sign and complete all waivers
  3. Register for the STEP Program
  4. Upload a copy of your passport.


Step Three:

Attend the Student International Safety Summit.


Only after you have completed all of the above will you be considered "approved" for international travel. This entire process must be completed before the end of the Spring semester.

For questions or additional information about Notre Dame-sponsored international travel, please email travelregistry@nd.edu