When You Get There - Graduate Students

  • Maintain your weekly blog entries by logging into the 2019 blog page and completing the community immersion tasks as described on the Blog Assignment page. To submit a blog post, click on the Posts --> Add New in the left column of the blog dashboard. Before you publish, be sure to select your country under the Categories section.
  • Take pictures for your blog page and post them to your blog. To share a picture, click on the Add Media button in the Add New Post page. Here are Tips for Better Mobile Photography and Tips for Taking Better Photos of Yourself.
  • Write and send postcards thanking the ND Alumni donors who helped fund your travel and study. You will each receive the names of donors funding your study abroad and detailed instructions for how to address the postcards and where to send them. 
  • Make the most out of your time in country; stay away from Anglophones and engage the native speakers within the community!