Before You Go - Graduate Students

**SLA Funds will not be distributed until awardees have completed all the "Before You Go" Requirements**

  • Confirm acceptance of the award by March 21 by completing the Graduate Award Confirmation Google Form (to be emailed to students to whom a grant is offered). 
  • Register your travel with NDI. Registering permits NDI to reach out to you in case any emergencies arise in your travel area. 
  • Attend the SLA Grant CSLC Pre-Departure Session.
  • Complete the Pre-Departure Prompts. Note that your responses and headshot will be published on your SLA Grant blog and be publicly accessible. See the 2019 SLA Grant alumni blog for an example:
  • Research and make all necessary arrangements for your travel, residence, and study in country in accordance with your proposal for SLA Grant funding. 

    Check out CultureGrams to begin your research! 

    Remember, you are responsible for all immigration/visa, fiscal, legal, and logistical arrangements related to your SLA Grant activities.