SLA in the News

Various content published on the Summer Language Abroad program.


November 6, 2019 - Russian and political science alumna unlocks a world of possibilities in media, policy, and consulting (A&L article

Going farther: How immersive international experiences in the Summer Language Abroad program are helping Notre Dame students build valuable skills (A&L article)


November 22 - Summer Language Abroad program helps students prepare for future through immersive international experiences (A&L article)

September 21 - Six history graduate students win Fulbright Awards in record-breaking year (A&L article)

April 7 - Learning Korean During a Summer in Seoul (A&L video)

April 4 - Students Learn Chinese Through Immersive Summer Language Program (A&L video)


December 2 - Summer Language Abroad Program Provides Immersive Experiences for Students (A&L article)

August 24 - Chinese major Jack McKenna (A&L video)

September 8 - Meet Chinese major Jack McKenna (A&L article)

March 10 - SLA Program Offers Immersive Language and Cultural Experience (A&L article)


Spotlight: Shannon Kraemer (Dept. article)


January 29 - Students Find Summer Language Abroad Program Transformative (A&L video)


September 1 - Summer Immersion Program Advances Language and Cultural Fluency (Dept. article)

July 12 - Taking a Chance With the Irish Language (A&L article)

July 1 - Russian major learns subtleties of slang in Moscow (Dept. article)

July 6 - Summer in Taiwan Provides Cultural Immersion (Dept. article)

July 6 - Student’s Language Skills Flourish During Summer in France (A&L article)

June 8 - Student Combines French Learning With Research and Service  (A&L article)

June 2 - Language ‘Clicks’ in Jordan for Arabic Major (Dept. article)

May 23 - Students Spend Summer Diving into Foreign Cultures (A&L article)