Funding for SLA Grant proposals is limited to essential travel, housing, program tuition, and GeoBlue Health Insurance. In cases where room and board are combined as a part of an all-inclusive program of study, meal costs may be included in the proposal budget.
  • Award Levels: Meritorious proposals will be funded according to demonstrated need via itemized budgets and availability of funds up to a maximum of $5,500. However, many awards will be for less than this maximum, and all budgeted costs should be justified and demonstrate modest estimations for spending.
  • Coordinated Awards: The CSLC coordinates with other institutional funding partners in order to ensure that no applicant receives summer language study awards from more than one program in excess of the $5,500 maximum and also to guarantee that all applicants receive appropriate funding from eligible programs even if they do not apply to them. Thus, students who apply for summer language funding through multiple campus institutes, centers, or grant programs will receive a single coordinated award up to a maximum of $5,500. The CSLC collaborates with the following partners to fund SLA Grants:
    • The Nanovic Institute for European Studies
    • The Kellogg Institute for International Studies
    • The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies
    • The Liu Family Endowment for Excellence in Asian Studies
    • The Ravarino Italian Studies Award
    • The German Department Endowments for Excellence
    • The College of Arts & Letters Advisory Council